Parkinson’s Live-In Care

A diagnosis of Parkinson’s doesn’t have to compromise your independence. At Domus-Live-In Care, our live-in carers can support you to adjust to the physical and emotional changes that Parkinson’s brings with it. Lots of people diagnosed with Parkinson’s consider moving to a residential home but would far prefer to remain in the comfort of their own homes, and we can help you do this.

Anyone living with Parkinson’s will know that symptoms vary. On a good day, our friendly and interesting live-in carers can be there for you to provide companionship, take a trip or share a mutual hobby. On a bad day, they will be there to take the pressure from the day to day tasks so that you can concentrate on yourself. Whatever kind of day it is, they will be with you to prepare meals, do the housework and help with medication, bathing and personal care.

We support people who have Parkinson’s either on a permanent or respite basis.

If we are working with a client on a permanent basis, we will introduce a small team of live-in carers to a client and those live-in carers will rotate every two or three weeks. This means that the client always has a familiar person who gets to know them and their routines and preferences.

We also support our clients and their families with respite live-in care. We know from working with our families that a main carer needs a break to go away and recharge their own batteries. We can provide a live-in carer to stay with the person who has Parkinson’s while their usual carer takes a well-deserved rest. We can either do this as a one off, or as a regular repeat service.


Thank you for your help. I have no hesitation in recommending Domus.

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